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Favelet Install

On your computer: Drag the following link(s) to your bookmarks or favorites. Then sync up using iTunes.

On your iPhone: You can install a favelet directly to your iPhone bookmarks with a little bit of trickery. Just click any of the links below and follow the instructions.

iWebSaver favelet

Instead of saving the current page, this favelet converts all of the links on a page so that clicking one will save whatever that link pointed to. This is especially useful for saving PDFs, which can't be done with the normal favelet.

iWebSaver links favelet

Images Favelet

This favelet converts all of the images on a page so that clicking one will allow you to store it on your iPhone as a bookmark or webclip (you will be able to view the image even in airplane mode).

iWebSaver images favelet NEW!

Now you're ready to start using your iWebSaver favelet. Just run it whenever you're on a webpage that you want to save.

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